Consultancy Consultancy

Through our experience with many different projects at prominent companies we have developed a clear vision. Based on our projects and previous results we know reasonably well what is and is not working. We can help you to structurally improve your employee and/or customer research. Insinto believes in the uncovering of bandages; What affects your Customer Experience well the most? That’s what we can help you with, strategically and hands-on. We are regularly asked for consultancy for example:
  • Development of a broad CXI instrument, which goes beyond NPS

There are additional included: loyalty, repurchase effort and satisfaction. The advantage of a broader CXI tool is that you can explore much more in detail what drives the Customer Experience and can improve it even more focused.

  • Linking knowledge of customers, employees and operating profit

Specific research, focused on knowledge among customers and employees and their impact on the business results.

  • Evidence Based and data driven work and steering

How can you work and send data within an organization? By making it measurable. In this workshop we take you for €600,-in 4 hours time in the process by which you get the organization in the right direction for Data driven Decision Making.

  • Implementation of the findings

Per project we are available on request to host workshops, to do group sessions and to jointly implement the findings for smooth solutions.

  • Project guidance of Evidence Based CX or EX project

If there is no one in the organisation with the correct knowledge of things on CX or EX field then we can accompany the project on an interim basis.

  • Legal aspects of data collection and analysis

GDPR, AVG, you will have already heard everything. We can tell you all about how we treat confidentially with data from staff and customers. Of course, we can provide you with the means to organise your organisation.